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rib-mode is intended to be an (X)Emacs plugin in order to add syntax highlighting and indentation automatically to the text editing of RenderMan® Interface Bytestream (RIB) files that are in ASCII. The plugin code is in Lisp which is interpreted by the Emacs environment upon application startup.

I was unable to find such a plugin on the web, yet I do know that those using RenderMan tools also use Emacs editors. For example, there is a plugin for the RenderMan Shading Language (very similar to the C language), but none for the scene description interface known as RIB (a pascal-like language). RIB is intended to be human readable and editable to allow for the highest level of control of your scenes without resorting to C programming.



CVS instructions


  1. If you haven't done so already, from the Xemacs menubar choose Options->Save Options to Init File. This will create a customization file used below.
  2. Move rib-mode.el into /home/xyz/.xemacs (in a Linux environment).
  3. Add this line to your /home/xyz/.xemacs/custom.el file:
    (load-library '"/home/xyz/.xemacs/rib-mode")

Wishlist (Submit a Feature Request)

  1. Key-map for different renderers.
  2. Block (un)commenting.


  1. Borton, S.A., "An Emacs language mode creation tutorial"
  2. Cortes, R., The RenderMan® Academy
  3. Pixar, RenderMan® Interface Specification


Bugs (Submit a Bug)

  1. N/A

Copyright © 2006 Remik Ziemlinski
RenderMan® is a registered trademark of Pixar.